Courses at Hans & Olaf

Therapists undergoing specialist training, manual therapy

Hans & Olaf Physiotherapy AS is an approved guidance and internship facility or physiotherapists taking a Masters Degree in Manual Therapy at the Department of Physiotherapy Science, Department of Social Medicine, University of Bergen. For each study period, we will have six students from the University of Bergen. The Hans & Olaf Fysioterapy mentors for students from the University of Bergen are Roar Robinson and Hilde Stendal Robinson

We also take every year up four students for one year guidance for manual therapy education from the University of Curtin, Australia. Students in manual therapy from abroad can contact when requesting internship placement. Hans & Olaf Fysioterapy's guide for students from Australia is Gustav Bjørke

At Hans and Olaf Physiotherapy, the staff consists of 19 manual therapists, two physiotherapists and ten physiotherapists who are undergoing specialist training in manual therapy. This makes Hans & Olaf Physiotherapy Northern Europe's largest physiotherapy and a principal center for manual therapy in Norway.

It is advisable to consult Jan Bjordal,, or Jon Joensen,> regarding education abroad.