Hans & Olaf Physiotherapy AS

1967 - Hans & Olaf AS started up in the Bislet Bad building, founded by Hans Gunnari and Olaf Evjenth (see separate profiles).

1970 - Hans & Olaf AS relocated in the Torggata Bad building, in the part of it facing Henrik Ibsen's gate.

1982 - Hans & Olaf AS moved within the Torggata Bad building, relocating the physiotherapy department on the ground level and the fitness training department downstairs toward Sauna Gata, after extensive rebuilding. During rebuilding, the institute was temporarily located in premises in Christian Krogh's Gate and in the Bislett Bad building.

1989 - Hans Gunari and Olaf Evjent retire from active institute operation. On 1 July 1989, four staff therapists took over operation: Jørn Chr. Halvorsen, Jens Hvidsten, Roar Robinson and Truls Viddal. Truls moved to Skien in 1995. Jens withdrew in 1999. Jørn Chr. Halvorsen left the company in 2006. Today Roar obinson is the sole owner of both of Hans & Olaf Physiotherapy AS and Torggata Bad Fitness AS.

1995 - The Institute moved from the basement and ground levels up to the third and fourth floors of the Torggata Bad building. Manual therapists were given their own offices, and the training department was greatly expanded. Torggata Bad Fitness was formally established in the summer 1998 of. Following a tightening of operations in 2002, the physiotherapy department and the fitness center together take up about 2,000 square meters on the third floor.

2020 - The clinic moved to Pilestredet Park 7, 0176 Oslo

Hans & Olaf Physiotherapy is and always has been an educational center for therapists seeking further education in manual therapy. From the mid 1970s to 1991, the institute had many three-year-training period therapists. They were trained and guided before taking the Norwegian Physiotherapy Association qualification examinations. Olaf Evjenth and Hans Gunnari were central in the development and implementation of education at national and international levels. Today,. continuing education in manual therapy takes place in a two-year Master's degree program at the University of Bergen. Current owner Roar Robinson teaches the course. Six of a total of 24 students now work and receive guidance at the institute. In addition, four students who have taken part of their training in manual therapy at universities abroad, receive guidance toward qualification at the institute. Hans & Olaf Physiotherapy as has been and still is the entit y in Norway where most physical therapists have been trained in manual therapy. We intend to continue this work to ensure that we maintain a high level of professional expertise.

The Institute has since its creation emphasized that for best results, physiotherapy treatment should be combined with fitness training. Therefore, it has always had associated and adjacent fitness training facilities. For many years, Gunvald Jacobsen led the fitness training and created a pleasant training atmosphere for which the Torgata Bad Fitness Training Center (TBT) is known. Physiotherapist Sigrid Hjall Thue continues this tradition under our motto - YOUR EFFORT - OUR HELP - BETTER FITNESS!