Primary contact

Manual therapists are primary contacts who can authorize and report sick leave.

That is, a manual therapist may examine and treat patients without referral from a medical doctor. The requirements for qualifying as manual therapist include successfully taking and passing an examination in radiology and differential diagnosis and laboratory analyses. All manual therapists also are trained in social insurance. Manual therapists can also:

• refer patients to a specialist health services and physiotherapy.

• referring patients to radiology.

• authorize sick leave for patients with muscular-skeletal ailments / illnesses in up to 12 weeks

• For instances of prolonged sick leave, participate in statutory dialogues with employers, employees and occupational health. The purpose of the a dialogue is to arrive at measures that facilitate the absentees return to work when medically advisable.

Manual therapists work in private practice, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the social security medical clinics, community health care and research and professional development. In addition, manual therapists are central health actors in the support of both local sports teams as national teams. Read more about manual therapists in the brochure of Norwegian Physiotherapist Association here